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Requiescat In Pace Goku

Posted by FuyuKaze on April 18, 2009

A few days ago – on a cloud and covered day – fans of the Dragonball manga and anime mourned the death of Son Goku – Kakarot. No pudieron Freezer, ni Célula ni Boo con él… pero ha sucumbido a los productores de Hollywood – Goku never submitted to Freeza, Cell or Boo, but has succumbed to the producers of Hollywood.


1984 – 2009


Tus fans nunca te olvidarán

As you can see from viewing the video – the fans marched down the streets – carrying his orange Gi in hand. They finally reached Goku’s place of death – the movie theater. Placing flowers, pictures and spiky yellow hair – they prayed while looking at the murderer of our hero – Justin Chatwin. The greatest Super Saiyan has died at the hands of this low life “Hollywoodian” murderer!

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  1. […] weeks. I found it quite funny with how the whole thing with Goku dying again – and compared to his recent death – he can be revived in this one. Nevertheless, nothing new much except for that little scene with […]

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