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Anything Can Be Re-usable

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on April 18, 2009


Etsy has a large assortment of game-related accessories, such as NES controller cuff links, or Tetris pieced earrings and many other things. But seeing a nice pair of tits is always a plus, but using something this large as a pendant is just highly irregular with our current trends, but not back in the days of Flavor Flav’.

The quality of the necklace, as we could see from above, looks like it’ll give the person a rash. Also coupled with the fact the rope used is scotch taped to it, rather than having a secure and firm hold through knotting the rope through a hole of some sorts.


There’s also one with a gameboy advance used as necklace as well. At least it seems resonable in size, but the quality would still be below the norm, still looking flimsy and easily broken.

I could honestly say that the breasts were what really attracted me. Too bad that the supposed pendants didn’t stop between the cleavage.

Via etsy.


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