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Another anime may be ruined by american live action?!…Again?!

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on April 17, 2009


An interview was done with Zac Effron and he stated that it was still very early to discuss Mandalay’s pictures’ rights to adapt Full Metal Panic into a live action movie. Although, he did state that he did have meetings regarding this subject.

He stated that there is a possibility that this project may not come to fruition, but he has said that he loves comic books and manga since he was ten years old.

According a newspaper company, “Hollywood Reporter”, Mandalay Pictures has ended up receiving the rights into making this popular and highly loved anime to a live-action movie.

Via animenewsnetwork.

Plot Summary: Sousuke Sagara, a seventeen year old military specialist working for the secret organization MITHRIL, has been assigned to protect the latest “Whispered” candidate Kaname Chidori. To complete this task Sousuke will have to deal with enemies from his past as well as the occasional panty thief. Unfortunately for Sousuke, the toughest part of his mission isn’t only protecting Miss Chidori but also getting used to living an average High School students life, no easy task for someone raised on the battlefield.

Plot summary via animenewsnetwork.

Well…since they’re making this live-action adaptation, I guess I’ll watch the anime so I could proceed to laugh my ass off just like when I watched dragonball evolution. I never understood why these movie companies don’t understand that they will end up failing at doing a proper adaptation of a game, anime and/or manga. As we have seen from dragonball evolution, dead or alive: the movie and even the Chun-Li movie, this movie will only be good for the opening and they won’t make much profit afterwards.


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