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Montreal Cosplay Photoshoot 6: The “Flowers Photoshoot”

Posted by Apocalyptic Bukkake on April 14, 2009


Image via the otakuthon forum.

A Montreal Cosplay Photoshoot organized by Henry, Jennifer, Josianne and/or Gary for cosplayers & cosplay photographers from the Montreal area. Our 6th photoshoot will be held on Saturday, May 16 at [the Botanical Gardens], then later at [the Intercontinental Hotel and/or the Pdc underground carpark]. This event is open to us and our friends, dressed up as characters suitable for backdrops with flowers and trees.

Preliminary schedule:

Sat, May 16
11:00 am – Meetup with people at [Pie-IX] metro
11:30 am – Entry into [the Botanical Gardens], find a place to eat and change clothes
1:00 pm – Photoshoot begins
5:30 pm – Photoshoot stops, return to metro
6:00 pm – Dinner at some restaurant
7:00 pm – Dinner ends
7:15 pm – Photoshoot continues at [the Intercontinental Hotel] and/or at [the Pdc underground carpark]
8:30 or 9:00 pm – Photoshoot ends

This schedule remains flexible, depending on how many of you will show up.

– This idea was proposed initially by Jennifer/SweetTifa. 😀 I had the same idea too, so it’s shared between us.
– For now we need your opinion for what to do in case of rain: change location, shoot during a weekday, shoot Sunday elsewhere, or cancel the shoot?


A cosplay photoshoot is a photography session involving models & props (cosplayers in costume with weapons, etc) and photographers & equipment (casual/hobby/amateur photographers with simple point-and-shoot or advanced dSLR cameras, etc). It provides an opportunity for cosplayers to wear and display their costumes, and for photographers to take pictures of people in costumes. After the shoot, the photographers share or send their pictures to the cosplayers and other photographers.


For our 6th photoshoot, we’ll shoot in large gardens filled with beautiful blossoming trees, plants and flowers. Magnificent scenes await us, filled with light, color and joy! After dinner, we’ll take shots at [the Hotel/Staircase], or [the carkpark of the Palais des congrès if the hotel doesn’t let us be there]. You can leave whenever you want, if you have something else to do or to go to.

Via Facebook and the Otakuthon Forum.

Damn, I actually missed 5 photoshoots already. Fuyukaze and I will be attending this one. Since it will be in May, I’m sure many beautiful flowers will have bloomed by then, or at least sprouted of few buds.


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