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Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete

Posted by FuyuKaze on April 11, 2009

The long awaited Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete will soon be released in Japan and Square Enix celebrates this wondrous event with a bang. They have their place marked with goodies that will make any Final Fantasy VII fans faint as you can see from the pictures below. This was also the occasion for Yoshinori Kitase to show us Final Fantasy VII International.

The official website of Sony Pictures has announced the release date of FFVII:ACC to come out in the United States of America on June 2nd. The US version will also include the following:

    * On the Way to a Smile – Episode: Denzel Animated Film
    * “Legacy of FINAL FANTASY VII” Featurette
    * Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete Trailers
    * “Reminiscence of FINAL FANTASY VII Compilation” Story Digest
    * Exclusive Sneak Peek at FINAL FANTASY XIII
    * “Reminiscence of FINAL FANTASY VII” Original Story Digest

Via uffsite and joystiq

Before ending this post, here is a trailer of this long awaited release!


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