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Evangelion Live Action – Not a hoax?

Posted by FuyuKaze on April 6, 2009

Five days ago – on April Fool’s day – Yahoo Japan has launched a page that let visitors to vote on ideal cast for a live action Evangelion movie. Was this intended a joke? Well it does not matter anyways since ITMedia now reports that Yahoo and TV Asahi are planning to proceed with the development of a promotional video – in consideration of the votes that were made on April Fool’s.

Kamiki Ryunosuke will be playing Ikari Shinji

Horikita Maki will be playing Ayanami Rei

Toda Erika will be playing Asuka Langley

Abe Hiroshi will be playing Ikari Gendou

Matsuyuki Yasuko will be playing Akagi Ritsuko

Matsushima Nanako will be playing Katsuragi Misato


One Response to “Evangelion Live Action – Not a hoax?”

  1. George Lucas The 2nd said

    the bitch up top is banging!

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